Virtual Card (VCard) Guide


The VCard feature of JustLogin’s mobile application is a convenient and safe way to share your contact details with friends, family, and colleagues without the need for direct contact. This prevents you from touching other peoples’ phones which can harbor different kinds of viruses.


Step 1: Log in to JustLogin’s mobile app


Step 2: From the home screen, click on contacts:

Step 3: It will show you your own contact details and click on My QR code

Step 4: A QR code will be generated which can either be scanned by your friend, colleague, family

Step 4a: If you opt to have the QR code scanned, they need to scan it and they will get your contact details. They will have an option to save it.


Step 5: OR you also have the option to share by clicking on above left icon

5a: If you choose “Share my QR Code”, a pop-up window will appear with the options on which apps you can share the QR code to. Choose one and you can share it to whomever you need to

Example: Shared via WhatsApp:




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