How to count the Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) year for CPF contribution

If your staff has a Singapore Permanent Resident status, the system will deduct the necessary CPF rate according to the number of years being a SPR. It is important that your PR start date is saved accurately in the system.

To check:

Step 1:  Go to mceclip0.png .

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png .

Step 3: Click the mceclip2.png icon adjacent to the staff’s name. 

Step 4: Look for the Residency field, which should be set to “Permanent Resident”.


Step 5: Once you tag the staff as a Permanent Resident, additional fields need to be completed:


    1. Enter the PR Start Date.
    2. Once the PR Start Date is entered, the PR End Date will automatically be populated. (This will be 5 years from the start date)
    3. Select the CPF Contribution option. By default, Graduate will be ticked.
      a) Full – both employer and employee will be paying full CPF rates regardless of the PR Start Date
      b) Employer Full – The employer will be paying full CPF rates, while the employee will still be paying graduated CPF rates
      c) Graduate – means partial, both employer and employee will be paying CPF according to the required SPR rates

Based on the sample above, the staff’s PR start date is 15 January 2020. Please see below on how the SPR year is determined:



You can also refer to this link from the CPF Board website: Determining Year of SPR Status

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