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The CPF File Generation is available only to Mandatory CPF Contributions, by default. As a recent system enhancement, Payroll Administrators can now generate the CPF file for Voluntary CPF Contributions, as well. This applies to employees who voluntarily contribute CPF on top of their mandatory share. Please reach out to the Support team should you be interested to have this feature added to your account. 

NOTE: Voluntary CPF will require a separate CPF Submission Number(CSN). Refer here on how to apply for one:

The Company must have more than one CSN Numbers in the company configuration setup. "CPF Submission No. (Vol Con)” dropdown will show the list of all the CSN numbers available in the account.


Assign staff to the Voluntary CPF Submission Number

Step 1: Go to admin.png then click on the pencil_icon.png icon next to the staff's name.

Step 2: Click on view_details.png .

Step 3: Under the employee_info.png tab, assign the corresponding CSN.

Generate Mandatory CPF File

Step 1: Go to  PAYROLL.png .

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png .

Step 3 Choose “Voluntary” in the “CPF Submission Type” dropdown.


Step 4: Select the respective CPF Submission Number, fill in the other details and click Generate File. 

The system will generate three different files - the e-submission file itself and 2 preview files in .txt and  .csv formats (apart from Forms 91 and 92, when applicable).


NOTE: The Voluntary CPF file will only include the voluntary CPF contributions for the selected payroll month, and is separate from the Mandatory CPF amount.

For Mandatory CPF file generation, refer to this guide -

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