Generating IRAS Files and Direct Submission

This article will guide you on how to generate your employees’ tax forms and export files, as well as how to do a direct submission to IRAS.

In order for you to do a direct submission, you must be registered to the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS). Reference:

Step 1: Log in to the account as Payroll Administrator.

Step 2: Go to IRAS1.png .

Step 3: From the main menu, select IRAS2.png .

Step 4: You have 3 different stages to go through, which you can click on at any time.



Step 5: Fill in the necessary details for each of the sections.

IRAS Submission Details

 Tax Year The tax submission year
 Payment Type Grayed out and automatically set based on your Form/Export type selection
 Form/Export Type


IR8A Form, Appendix 8A, and Appendix 8B will generate a pdf file, while the Export files will be in xml for IRAS submission. For reference, Tax Forms for Employers -

 Organisation ID Type Org type the company is registered under. For reference:
 Source Type  This is set to Private Sector by default
 Organization ID No.


System will capture the UEN saved under the Company Details in Configuration.

Other Details

 Batch Indicator


Original – first submission, if no submissions have been done yet

Amendment – only if you have previously submitted to IRAS, but need to make revisions. Reference:

 Batch Date

Date the file is generated

Note: Default date is the current date(today)

 Division/Branch name  Optional information, if applicable
 Appendix 8A/8B Options

Retrieve values from Appendix 8A and/or Appendix 8A, when applicable

Note: Appendix/es must be filled out first. For reference:

Authorized Person Details

IRAS will use the details provided in this section should they need to contact the company regarding the submission.


 Employee Name  Company main PIC
 Email Address  PIC email address
 Designation  PIC role
 Company Name  Name of the Company you are submitting the tax forms for
 Phone Number  PIC contact number


Generate IRAS for Selected Employees

Step 6: Select the employees you’re submitting the IRAS files for.

Tick on "Exclude Employee with '0' income" for exclude employee with 0 incomes and not required to report to IRAS. 

On the upper right side is the filter option.


  • Activated Employees – active Payroll users
  • Deactivated Employees – inactive/resigned employees who were left as Payroll users at the time of profile deactivation

Adjust to show more entries:


Ticking the box beside ‘Employee’ will select all names in the search result. Alternatively, manually select the employee/s to include.


Step 7: Hit the  IRAS15.png button to proceed.


The system will direct you to this next stage, where you can review the generated file/s and do the submission in.



 Form Type  The type of IRAS form/file generated
 Tax Year  Tax submission year
 Batch Date  Date when report was generated
 Batch Indicator  Whether submission is original(first time) or amendment
 Status  Generated file status
 Total Users  Number of users selected for the generated file
 Success  Will reflect the number of successful file generation
 Fail  Number of entries that failed
 Released  Will indicate number of file/s that have been released to users
 Run By  The Payroll Administrator who initiated the file generation
 Action  Where you can click to Download, Release Files, and Delete


Depending on the type of file generated, icons under Action are:

IRAS18.png  To download the file   

To release the pdf file to user, which he can view in Payroll > My Payslip > Tax Documents.

Click the IRAS20.png button to confirm action.

Note: This will not send an email notification nor a copy of the file to the user.

IRAS21.png  Delete the generated file, for failed or if you prefer to generate a new one

Should there be any entries that failed, make the necessary amendments and generate a new file, until you get a successful result. Alternatively, you can click on the Form Type name to access it.

For Form files, a Tax File Download page will load below. You can click on the Download button(file icon) under Action.


For XML files, a separate IRAS XML Detail Section will show below.


You can click on the Download button(file icon) under Action or click on the file name, which will take you to the Tax File Download Preview page.


Click on the  IRAS25.png to download the XML file/s to a readable Excel version for IR8A XML file only.

Once all the information have been verified as correct, click on the IRAS26.png  button to bring you back the Review & Submit Forms page. You can continue to do the submission from this page, or go back at a later time.

Step 6: When you’re ready to submit to IRAS, select the file/s and click the appropriate button at the lower right side of the page.

Note: If there is no box to tick beside the file name, this means that the Form Type is not in XML, therefore, cannot be used for submission. Please see Step 4 to generate a new file in XML.


IRAS28.png - if you are submitting your company's tax information

IRAS29.png - for Tax Agent, if you are submitting on behalf of your client

A pop-up message will show. Click Confirm to continue. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.


Step 7: You will be directed to a pop-up page, where you will need to log in using your SingPass details.


Note: If no pop-up page appears, please check your browser pop-up setting.

Step 8: Once in, select the Company Tax Number you are submitting the tax file for.


Note: For those submitting as Tax Agent, make sure you are given authorization. Reference:

Step 9: Confirm if you’re allowing permission, which means that you have granted JustLogin to connect to IRAS and submit the tax records.


Note: It may take a while for the page to load after clicking Allow. Please wait until the pop-up window disappears after all data have been uploaded.

After submission has completed, it will redirect you back to the Submission Status page in Justlogin.


Step 10: If successful, you should then see the Submission Reference Number. IRAS will also be sending an acknowledgement email to confirm the submission status.


If the submission failed, refer to the icons below to get more details.

IRAS39.PNG  Error - need to rectify the incorrect or missing information before generating a new file.
IRAS40.PNG  Warning - you can either click  IRAS35.png to continue the submission, or click  IRAS36.png to generate a new file and include other missing required information.


Other IRAS Forms

On the upper side of the IRAs page is where you can access the other forms, which will direct you to the corresponding pages on the account when clicked.


  IRAS Opening Balance

 Opening balance to cover previous months prior to using Justlogin Payroll, or to correct any missing pay elements/tax codes

  IRAS Employee Details  Any other employee information required for submission, the ones not captured by the payrun
  Appendix 8A/8B  Separate forms to fill out for BIK and stock options
  IRAS Amendment  Used to rectify any incorrect data that has been submitted to IRAS
  IR21  Form required for any foreign employees leaving Singapore
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