CPF/SDL/Tax Payable Reimbursement Pay Element


CPF, SDL, and Tax Payable options are now available to the Reimbursement pay elements in the Payroll module. This applies to pay elements directly processed in Payroll or mapped from the Expense module.

If your company requires reimbursement pay elements to be subject to CPF, SDL, and tax, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Go to payeelement3.png .

Step 2: Click on payeelement4.png  and go to the payeelement5.png  tab. 

Step 3: Click payeelement6.png .

Step 4: On an existing pay element, click payeelement.png to view the details. When creating a new one, click payeelement2.png on the lower right side of the page. 

Under the Element Type, select Reimbursement.

See example below for Transport Claim:


Step 5: If the pay element is tax payable, ensure that the Tax Code is tagged correctly. In this example, Transport Claim will fall under d1-1 - Transport Allowance.


Step 6: Tick the CPF Payable and SDL Payable boxes under Criteria.payeelement9.png

Step 7: Click on hvflkjsbf.png to save the setting.

Step 8: Follow the standard steps in processing your payrun. Either directly add the Reimbursement pay element in the Pay Information page, or process the reimbursed claims from Expense.

In the example below, Transport Claim is added as CPF and SDL Payable.


Step 8: When the payrun has been completed, the system will compute the CPF and SDL amounts accordingly. For this example, Total addition is SGD4200 - Employee CPF is SGD840 and Employer’s CPF is SGD714.


Step 9: Once the payrun is approved, system will capture the amount and will now reflect on the user’s IR8A form(provided that the Tax Code was assigned).

Refer example below:


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