Dashboard Widgets Configuration

The ability to add or remove widgets to your General Dashboard on your home page is now available.

This enables you to manage the Celebrations section in your Dashboard, allowing you to hide upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. This feature is useful if employees prefer not to share these details, ensuring their privacy while keeping the Dashboard focused on relevant information.

By default, birthdays and work anniversaries are visible to everyone. To hide these widgets, you may follow the instructions on how to do so here:

Step 1: Go to bkjbsjkfsdf.png.

Step 2: Go to kjsfbksjbf.png.

Step 3: Go to hfhfghfhg.png.

Step 4: Turn the status off for Displays the upcoming Birthday of colleagues and Displays the Work Anniversary of colleagues if you don’t want to share these in the Dashboard.


OR enable it if you are comfortable sharing this information on the Dashboard.



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