(Super) User Admin Guide [Video]

This article is a compilation of all the videos you can access to learn how to use User Admin to manage your Users, assign module Administrator, general setting and set profile photo for Users.

Note: There is only one holder for User Admin in every account

1. Employee Detail tab

This video will show you how to make changes to existing users as well as how to deactivate user accounts when staff resigns



2. Module Administrator tab

This video will cover how you can re-assign the super administrator role to another person and how to assign module administrative rights to other users.


3. Settings

This video will cover the general settings for the company such as the company information, password policy, creation of departments within the company as well as how to enable/disable the contact page for the mobile app.



4. Setup Profile Picture

The Setup Profile Picture will show you how to set up the base picture for the employee. This is critical only if your company has subscribed to JustClock and the Attendance Verification Alert has been turned on.  The Attendance Verification Alert is the face recognition alert feature that will alert the administrator if the person taking the attendance is different from the base picture.




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