Public Holidays Settings

The Public Holidays setup page has recently been moved. Instead of 2 separate pages under the Leave and Attendance modules, we have set a central control under Settings. This is where you can view your company's Public Holidays list, edit and create additional PH days, if required.

Step 1: Log in to the acccont as SuperAdmin.

Step 2: Go to Settings then Company Setting.

Step 3: Click on the Public Holiday tab at the top.

Step 4: You can filter to view the Public Holidays by year, and adjust the number of entries to show. 

Select Year to filter

Step 5: The system will take the default list of Public Holidays based on the country where the account was created under.

Note: If any other country is set as Work Location under People, you will see a dropdown option here for you to switch to the different Public Holidays by country.  

Step 6: You can enable this option if your policy moves a Sunday PH to the next working day. 

tick the box to enable option

This can be set on a per country level, for accounts with different work locations. Just select the country and tick the box when applicable.

Note: When enabled, any holidays that fall on a Sunday will automatically be treated as Off-in-Lieu the next working day. The list of public holidays on the Leave Dashboard will then be updated.

Add a Public Holiday

You can add any internal office holidays (non-working) to the list. 

Step 7: Click on the Add custom button. A pop-up window will appear:

Select the date and enter the holiday name, and click Save .

Disable a Public Holiday

If there is any holiday in the list that is not considered a non-working day in your organization, you have the option to disable it. 

Step 8: Find the Public Holiday you want removed and under the Action column, simply slide the button to the left to hide this from your active PH list. click to disable

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