Render OT and convert it to Pay or Leave

Note: See the configuration guide here to enable this function. Staff application will also go to approval flow.


Staff needs to login to their accounts on the dashboard to request for OT. 


The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Login to the system


Step 2: Click on 

Step 3:  Click on Dashboard

Step 4: The staff should see the Request OT as indicated if their OT policy is defined as End Time or Std Time.



Step 5: The following form will appear. The staff would need to fill in all the information required.



Step 6: To submit, click on the button


The following screen will appear when the Requested OT hours is more than the actual OT worked.



Step 7: Click on to proceed


Step 8: The system will show this screen to confirm that the submission is successful. An email will then be sent to their respective Approving / Processing Officer



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