Unscheduled Clocking Notification


This feature can be enabled to notify the Group and Attendance admins via email if there are employees who clocked in/out on a non-working day. This also disallows the employee to have worked hours on an unscheduled day.

NOTE: This is a feature flagged item. If you would like this to be enabled on your account, please contact our support team: support@justlogin.com


Step 1: Go to 9.png

Step 2: Click on Picture1.png

Step 4: Look for the 10.pngtab at the top and click on it.

Step 5: You will see 3 sub-tabs. Please click on "Notifications"


Step 6: Put a tick inside the box to notify during unscheduled clock-ins


Step 7: Choose to whom you would like the notification to be sent to


Step 8: Click on Picture6.pngto save the changes made

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