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Staff policy allows you to set staff related policies such as the probation period and other leave related policies. This article will provide you with a detail explanation of each of the functions in this setting.

Step 1: Click on leave.png

Step 2: Click on configuration.png

Step 3: Click on company_settings.png

Step 4: Click on Employee_leave_policy.png

Step 5: Put a tick beside each option that you would like to enable for your system


1. Whether the staff can take Other leave types more than what they have now in their leave balance

2. Whether the staff can apply two different leave types on the same day. If set to No, staff will still be able to take half-day of different leaves as long as the timing of the leave does not coincide

3. Whether the staff can change the days applied field

4. Whether the system will deduct one day if the staff takes leave on a day that is set up as a half-day at the company policy working weeks


Step 6: Leave Cancellation

Set the leave cancellation policy for the staff


  1. The first option is ALL leave cancellations are allowed. This option would allow the staff to cancel their leaves even those that they have consumed.
  2. The second option is ONLY leave cancellations submitted before the leave start date are allowed This option allows the staff to cancel their leave if the date has not started. For example, tomorrow is my leave, I can cancel the leave today but once it hit 12.01 am, I cannot cancel the leave anymore.
  3. The third option is staff are NOT allowed to cancel leave. The staff cannot cancel the leave at all. If they wish to, they will need to ask the leave administrator or their RO/AO (if given the rights) to cancel the leave.












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