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The Leave Module allows you to create and set up your own leave types based on your company's requirements.

The steps to set up the leave type are:

Step 1: Click on leave.png

Step 2: Click on configuration.png

Step 3: Click on leave_typess.png tab at the top. You should see a page like below.


System Leave Types Settings

Step 4:  Click on system_leave_types.png link at the top right of the page.

NOTE: This is mandatory for companies that are operating within Singapore. Not needed for companies that are not operating in Singapore as the settings are leave types that companies in Singapore must comply to

Step 5: The following dialogue box will appear. Check on all the options


For Sick Leave and Hospitalisation Leave see more guide here

While Child Care, Paternity, and Extended Maternity need to update Child Details page.

Step 6: Click on the save_blue.png button to save the configuration.

Creating New Leave Type

Step 7: To add a new leave type, click on add_new_leave_type.png in the lower-left area of the page. A window will appear:


Step 8: Enter the leave type name


Step 9: Assign a color code for this leave type. The color assigned will be the color that appears on the leave calendar


Step 10: Set the Leave Entitlement (number of days), days of calculation (calendar days or working days) as well as the type of mode (per annum or per incident)


  1. Per annum – staff will have the entitlement days for the whole year
  2. Per incident – staff will be able to use the entitlement days for every leave application

Step 11: (Optional) Enter a description or remarks at the Remark field


Step 12: The probationary period indicated in this field is based on the Staff Policy setup (pg.3)  on probation for other leave types:


Step 13: You can filter the leave type based on gender and marital status in this field


You may also assign specific employees to it too:


Step 14: (Optional)You can select the relevant options below


Step 15: Click on the mceclip17.png  button to save

To Configure the other Leave Types on the Leave Types page:

Step 1: Click on the leave type you would like to configure:


Step 2: You will see the same options as when creating a new leave type


Step 3: Click on mceclip21.pngto save the changes


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