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This guide will show you how to install, login and use the different features found in the
Justlogin Individual app.

Installing JustLogin Individual App

Step 1: Go to Google Play or Apple App store on your handphone. 

Step 2: Type in ‘justlogin’ and click search.


Step 3: Select Justlogin from the search result.


Step 4: Click the Install button to download the application.

Step 5: You may open the app once installation has been completed.



Justlogin App Dashboard Interface




How to view payslip

Users can access their payslip through the mobile app. 

Step 1: Click on the + button from the Home dashboard.


Step 2: Click on My Payslip.


Step 3: The following screen will appear. To see more details, click on the expand and
collapse button.


How to apply leave

Step 1: Click on the + button from dashboard.


Step 2: Click on Apply Leave.


Step 3: The following screen appear:


Step 4: If you click Add Attachment, it will prompt you to search the source of the


Step 5: If you select Camera, the system will automatically open up the camera app. Take
the picture of the attachment

If from Gallery, go to the folder to select the file and then click on the check mark to attach it. The screen
may defer depending on the device model you are using.


If using Camera, the device camera will automatically open (as long as permission is granted from Settings). Take a photo of document.


Step 6: Once the file has been successfully attached, you should see a small file photo to the right of the Add Attachment section. Should you wish to delete the attachment, click on the trash icon.


Step 7: Click on Submit to proceed with the leave submission.  


How to clock in/out from the App

Step 1: Click on the + button as shown


Step 2: Click Clock in/out.


Step 3: The system will open the camera as shown here:


Step 4: You may be required to turn on Location(GPS) if set in the company Configuration. User can click on the 273.png icon at the top right side of the screen to view the current location. If geofencing is on, it will also indicate whether user is within the geofencing area or not


Step 5: To clock-in to the system, the user simply needs to click the 275.png button, and
the 276.png to clock-out.

Step 6: (Optional) If your company requires the user to specify predefined location when clocking in/out, 
you can do so on the 277.png field.

Step 7: (Optional) If your company requires the user to enter a remark, they can do at the 278.png field


Notification icon

The system will alert the user via Notications if there are new activities the user needs to be alerted for. Perhaps a payslip that has been released or a leave that was approved.


Step 1: From the dashboard, see the mceclip3.png icon at the top right side of the screen.

A red dot mceclip4.png means that there is a new notification.

Step 2: To view the notifications, simply click on the bell icon. The ones in blue are unread. Select the item to read and display the message details. 


Menu Buttons

280.png - is the app dashboard.

281.png will show the employees list with their corresponding contact information (based on Company Directory setting).


If permission is set, you can click on the employee name to see the contact details and click on the respective icons to call, send an sms or email the colleague.


284.png - additional sections




The user will be able to see his/her own roster under My Schedule.


If the user is an Attendance Administrator, the All Schedules tab will be available to view the other employees’ schedules.



This allows the user to see his/her own clock-in/out history.


The mceclip7.pngicon indicates that the clock-in/out has successfully went through.

The mceclip8.pngindicates that system is having trouble capturing the data. This may happen if internet connection is slow or interrupted. You will need to click on the  mceclip9.png button on the top
right to resync the data.


292.png - this is another way for the user to access to the leave application
page. Refer to the steps – How to apply leave.

294.png - will show the user’s leave summary as of date.


296.png will show the user’s leave submission history


298.png - is only visible if the user is an AO (Approving Officer) or a RO
(Recommending Officer). When clicked, it will show any pending requests, as well as
the past approvals. 



My Calendar - will show the user’s personal calendar tracking all submitted leaves.

Staff Calendar – will show other colleagues’ leaves (based on calendar sharing setting in Configuration).



302.png - will show the recently released payslip.


304.png - this will show the payslip history.


The user can choose to download a copy by clicking on the mceclip10.pngicon. 
Once the file has been successfully downloaded, the icon will change to mceclip11.png

To view the downloaded file, the user can click on the icon and it will show you a preview of the payslip.


You can email or share the file by clicking on the 307.png button.


308.png - this allows the user to perform functions such as logout and
customizing the app. When clicked, the user will see the following screen.


310.png - allows the user to refresh the app. This is a recommended step when the administrator recently made some modifications to the account settings at the administrative side.

311.png- this allows the user to log out of the mobile app. Please note that the app will stay logged in unless either manually logged out, or when system does a force logout when there’s a need to update the app version.

312.png - - this will allow the user to assign a pin code to the app to prevent
unauthorized access. When setting this, you will be asked to set and cofirm the passcode.


315.png- this will remove or delete the existing passcode.

316.png -allows the user to customize the app widgets according to their personal preference.


To remove a particular item (widget) the user can click on the mceclip12.pngand then the mceclip13.png
will appear.

To reorder the widget, the user can change the sequence by clicking mceclip14.pngand dragging
the widget to your preferred sequence order.

To add the widget back, the user simply has to click on the mceclip15.png button.
Any widget that has been removed will be placed under More Widget.


Report Issue

318.png - allows the app to collect the information
pertaining to the mobile device and send that over to the Support team. When clicked, the app will prompt the user to choose which email app to send the information from.


Once the user chooses the email app, the system will automatically open the email
message with the captured error files.



Should you require further support on the mobile app, please feel free to contact our
Support Team at or call us at +65 3129 5281.

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