Enable Passcode on Mobile App [Android]


For Android users, a second layer of security can be enabled whenever the JustLogin Mobile app is accessed. This is called the Passcode feature


Step 1: Log in to your mobile app

Step 2: From the home screen, click on “More”


Step 3: Click on "Settings"


Step 4: Look for “Set New Passcode”


Step 5: You will be prompted to input a 4-digit passcode:


Step 6: You will need to confirm the passcode you have entered


Step 7: Once you have confirmed the passcode you will get a notification as the image below:


After doing steps 1-7, whenever you need to access your JustLogin mobile app, you will be asked to input your passcode before being able to clock in/out, view payslip and apply for a leave. This can prevent any incidents when another person borrows your mobile phone, accidentally opens your JustLogin app and gets to view your personal work data.


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