IRAS Amendment

This article will show you how you can complete the amendment form to rectify any missing or incorrect information from the IR8A form originally submitted. 


Step 1: Go to .

Step 2: Click on IRAS2.png

Step 3: See the blue button to the right - Other Forms. 


Click to select IRAS Amendment from the dropdown.


Step 4: Find the employee you need to amend the details for and click the name.


Make the necessary changes on the page as shown below. You will only need to add the missing values from the submitted file, and/or deduct any amounts that were over declared (only input the difference between your original submission and the new/corrected value).


Step 5: Click the button in the lower right side of the page to save the changes. You may move to the next employee from the dropdown above and do the same steps.

Step 6: Go back to the IRAS page to generate a new IR8A XML file. Remember to set the Batch Indicator to ‘Amendment’.


Step 7: After the file has been successfully generated, download the XML file to be submitted to IRAS. Do this by clicking on the   icon.

Step 8: Under Tax File Download, kindly click on . You can also preview the content by clicking on  .

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