Integrating QBO to JustLogin's Payroll System


This guide will show you how it is done step by step. 

NOTE: Must be a Payroll Administrator or Super Administrator to be able to access the Accounting Software section.


Step 1: Login in to your account

Step 2: Go to mceclip0.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip2.png. You will see the page below:



Step 4: Choose mceclip4.png and toggle the slider to mceclip5.png

Step 5: Click on mceclip6.png

Step 6: In the pop-up, input your company's Quickbooks credentials to integrate:



Step 7: Once connected, click mceclip8.png found here mceclip9.png

Step 8: Map the different Pay Elements to your Quickbooks Account Codes


Step 9: After Completing the Mapping, click on mceclip11.png in the lower right area of your screen.

Step 10: Choose the Payrun Month and tick the boxes on the left to transfer the different Pay Elements.



Step 11: Click on mceclip13.png or mceclip14.png




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