Multi Cost Center

We can now assign multiple cost centers to specific employees, along with the appropriate allocations. The amount may be broken down according to the allocation percentage, which will also reflect in the reports.

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NOTE: This is only available to Singapore and Hong Kong Payroll.


Refer to the steps here on how to initially setup the Cost Centers:


To assign staff to multiple Cost Centers:

Step 1: Click on sidfslfbs.png.

Step 2: Click on sdubs;fgfdgfd.png.

Step 3: Find the staff and click on the  icon. You will be taken to the Update Pay Information page. 


Step 4: Click on sdhfgdfghfg.png.

Step 5: Scroll down below to find the Cost Center setup.


Select the cost center from the dropdown and set the corresponding allocation percentage. Click Add to save. Repeat the same steps for the additional cost centers.



The employee is given a 50% allocation to Center A and another 50% to Center B.


Click the pencil icon sgfdhfdhghfg.png to edit the cost center and allocation, or the X button dhfhfhfgh.png to delete.

The payrun will be processed as normal. From the example above, this is the employee’s payrun details.


We allocated 50% each to Center A and Center B. This means that all pay elements and the net pay will be divided in half.

To generate the report:

Step 1: Click on sidfslfbs.png.

Step 2: Go to sfdgdfdf.png.

Step 3: Select report number 21 - Monthly Salary Report.


Step 4: Choose the Month you want to generate for.


Step 5: Tick on the Show Cost Center option.


Step 6: Click on Go.


The report will reflect according to the assigned cost centers and the corresponding allocated amounts.


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