Integrating NetSuite to JustLogin's Payroll System


The newest integration that’s available with JustLogin’s Payroll is with NetSuite. To utilize this feature please follow the steps below:

NOTE: Must be a Payroll Administrator or Super Administrator to be able to access the Accounting Software section.


Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Click on 

Step 3: Go to 

Step 4: You will see this page:


Step 5: Toggle the slider to “On” 

Step 6: Then click on “Connect to NetSuite” 

Step 7: A pop up window will appear, and you will be prompted to enter your NetSuite Account ID:

Step 8: The login page to NetSuite will appear. Please input your NetSuite login details and click on the Login button

Step 9: You will the be asked to allow JustLogin to access NetSuite. Click Allow

Step 10: You will the return to the JustLogin Payroll Integration page. Click on View Details

Step 11: You will the see the NetSuite Account Code List:

Note: We are showing account types under Income and Expense only


Step 12: Next, you will need to map the GL Account codes

NOTE: Please ensure that you assign both a debit and credit account code for each pay element. If this is not done, the pay element will not be transferred into NetSuite

Step 13: Once done, click on “Save and Continue”

Step 14: On the transfer to NetSuite page, choose the pay elements you want to transfer by putting a tick beside the pay element. You can also choose the month and use the search field to filter the pay elements you want to transfer


Step 15: Click on  *If you want to transfer all pay elements, no need to put a tick beside each pay element, just click on “Transfer All”. Please click on the transfer button just once. If you click multiple times, the amounts will be added in NetSuite

Step 16: You should be able to see the notification as below:

Step 17: To check the transferred data in NetSuite, go to the Oracle NetSuite Home Page>Transactions>Financial>Make Journal Entries>List

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