Why is the YTD CPF not Accumulating?

Here are the possible reasons why YTD CPF doesn’t accumulate properly:

  • Payruns were not done and approved sequentially from January (or the start of Financial Year) to the present month or when previously approved payrun was changed or updated.

When making changes to the previous payruns, the Year-to-Date (YTD) CPF contribution that is reflected takes considerations on the amounts from other payruns done prior to this. The system considers the YTD from the start of the year to the date when the payrun is done, not the month the payrun is for.

For example, you have processed payruns from January to April. However, in April, you realized that there is an error in January’s Payrun. So, you decided to run January’s Payrun in the month of April. The YTD values will then include the values from the payruns of February - April.

To rectify this, you would need to delete all the affected payruns for the employee and reprocess them in a monthly order.

  • AW/OW Opening Balance is not setup correctly

The AW/OW Opening Balance As At Date should be set according to the month when JustLogin is used. For example, if your first payrun is April 2020, you need to provide the total AW and OW for each employee from January 2020 (or the joined date of new staff) to March 2011. The As At Date should be set as April 2020.


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