How the System Calculates the No.of Days on Attendance Reports


When the Attendance admin generates a Monthly Summary Report, we can see the No. of Days Worked field, and sometimes you may find it odd as it displays incorrect value than what you expected.

Here’s how the system computes it:


Period: 01/09/2020 to 08/09/2020

Standard Working Hours: 80

Hours Worked: 78.18

OT1: -1.82

OT2: 0
OT3: 0

Late: 0.59

Under: 1.15

The admin needs to generate the Monthly Detailed Report to see the details of each day:


Hours per day: 11

Hours per half-day:  4

"No of days worked" calculation is based on the Actual Hour worked and Hr per Day / Hr per Half Day value.

If Hour Worked less than Hr per Half Day, we take as 0 Day. 
If Hour Worked less than Hr per Day AND greater than Hr per Half Day, we take as 0.5 Day.
If Hour Worked greater than or equal Hr per Day, we take as 1 Day. 


Based on the report:


Therefore, No.of Working Day display as 4 ( 0.5 + 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.5)

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