Early Clock-In Notification


This feature can be enabled to notify the Group and Attendance admin via email if there are employees who clocked in certain minutes before the standard start time. Thus, it prevents the system to also capture any OT to be added on the actual hours worked.

NOTE: This is feature flagged. If you would like this to be enabled on your account, please contact our support team: support@justlogin.com


Step 1: Click on 9.png

Step 2: Go to Picture1.png

Step 3: Look for the 10.pngtab at the top and click on it.

Step 4: Check the box to notify the admins 


Step 5: Choose who would you like to receive the notification. 


Step 6: Set how many minutes before the standard start time you would like the system to send the notification.


Step 7: Click on Picture6.pngto save the changes made

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