Roster Notification


The Roster Notification function can be enabled on the Attendance module so that when the roster of an employee gets modified, the employee will be notified of the next-day shift.


Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Click on 12.png

Step 3: Go to 13.png

Step 4: Look for the 14.png tab at the top and click on it.

Step 5: You will see 2 sub-tabs. Please click on "Notifications"


Step 6: Put a tick beside "Enable Roster Notification" option


Step 6: Click on 17.png to save the changes



  • This only functions with the normal roster view (not Split Shift view)
  • The notification will be sent to staff at 5 PM SGT, if the next day shift has been changed from Manage Roster, Shift Assignment, or Roster Import
  • A notification will not be triggered if the next day is set to PH, Leave day, Rest Day, or Off Day
  • Notification will be triggered once the shift time or shift site has been modified and then SAVED.

Sample Scenarios

Sample 1: If the staff is assigned to a custom shift, then the staff will be getting the notification whenever staff is scheduled to work. Compared to a staff who is following the generic shift for all (The generic shift being referred to can be found in Attendance>Configuration>Configuration>Working Hours), no notification will be sent


In the image below, the generic shifts can be identified as those in white, compared to the custom shift assigned to the staff in blue. In this scenario, staff assigned to the custom shift will be getting the roster notification.




Sample 2: Staff assigned to 9:00 AM-6:00 PM shift (Monday to Friday), Saturday (Rest), Sunday (Off)

On August 30, (Tuesday), you change August 31 shift to a 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM



Sample of Notification that the staff will be receiving:


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