CPF Rates for Citizens and Permanent Residents

The tables/images below show Employee and Employer's share of CPF based on wage range, age, and residency status:

  • Employee/Employer CPF Rates for Citizens and 3rd Year Permanent Residents


  • Employee/Employer CPF Rates for 2nd Year Permanent Residents


  • Employee/Employer CPF Rates for 1st Year Permanent Residents


OW: Ordinary Wages (capped at OW Ceiling of $6,000)
AW: Additional Wages
TW: Total Wages = OW + AW

Steps to compute CPF contribution:
1) Compute the total CPF contribution (rounded to the nearest dollar). An amount of 50 cents should be regarded as an additional dollar.
2) Compute the employee’s share of CPF contribution (cents should be dropped).
3) Employer’s share = Total contribution - Employee’s share


1st Yr PR CPF Rates: https://www.cpf.gov.sg/Assets/employers/Documents/Table%202_1st%20Yr%20SPR%20GG%20Pte%20and%20Npen%20Jan%202016.pdf 

2nd Yr PR CPF Rates:


3rd Yr and Citizen CPF Rates:


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