Viewing Payslips on the Web and Mobile App


Once payslips have been released, users will be able to access their payslips via the web and the mobile app. This guide will show how to view the payslips through both platforms

MOBILE: (Please skip steps 1-5 if you have already installed the app)

Step 1: Select Google Play on your (Android) handphone or Apple App store (for iPhones)

Step 2: On the search box, type in “JustLogin” and click on the search button.


Step 3: The following list will appear, select JustLogin as shown.


Step 4: Click on the install button to install the application.


Step 5: You should see this once you have completed the installation of the app.


JustLogin Dashboard Interface

Once logged in into the app, My latest payslip allows the user to see their pay. Users can click on View Pay History to see past payslips


How to access payslip

Step 1: Click on the + button as shown below:


Step 2: Click on My Payslip sbidbfg.png.

Step 3: The following screen will appear. To see more detail, click on the expand and collapse button.


Pay History

The user can see and download their past payslips via sufhspfds.png.

When the user clicks on this option, the app will display this:


If the user wishes to download their payslips, they can click on the guhpfdsghubfd.png icon on the month they want to download.

Once the app completes the download, the icon will turn into oubfdsofbsdf.pngTo see the downloaded file, user can click on the icon and the app will show a preview of the payslip.


Step 1: Login to your account

  • Input your company ID, User ID and Password


Step 2: Click on fhjfjghjkvbnv.png.

Step 3: Click on oifghdkgfdg.png.

Step 4: Click on iugisdxbhfdsf.png (or the payslip that you want to view) This will bring you to another page, where you can see your salary details for that month.


Step 5: To download, click on hyfdhfghfgh.png below the salary information.

Step 6: You will be routed to the page wherein you can rename the file and choose where you want to save it


Click on save and you should have the file saved on your computer.


The tax documents tab is where you can find the IR8A form that was released by your company.

Step 1: Click on hfhjfghjfgjhj.png.

Step 2: Click on sifbskjgbfd.png.

By clicking on the link, it will bring you to the window where you can choose where to save the file as well as rename it as necessary.


Step 3: Click on “Save”. You should have successfully saved the file on your computer. You can view the downloaded file on your computer. You should see something like this:



This is a report of your salary for the chosen year, broken down into each month. It also includes the CPF paid.

Step 1: Click on dhfhfghgfhghg.png.

Step 2: Indicate the Year that you want to generate the report for and click on GO.


Step 3: Once you can view the report, you can save it on your computer by clicking on


Step 4: Choose what type of file you would like to save as.


Step 5: Click on ihdfvslfd.png.

Step 6: The system will download the file based on the file format chosen.


VIEW SALARY PROGRESSION: (This can only be viewed if allowed by your system administrator)

Step 1: Click on ifhvlhfsdf.png.

Once clicked, you will see the salary progression page, wherein you can see the effectivity date of your salary as well as any changes and when it was done.


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