How can I transfer Expenses to Payroll?


You can reimburse approved expenses into the Payroll Module by mapping each category to the respective pay element on Payroll.

NOTE: Please make sure the pay elements you want to use are already created on the Payroll Module and before doing a first claim it has been mapped.


Step 1: On the Categories page, put a tick into the option: Transfer to Payroll


Step 2: After, please click on the mceclip1.png icon under the action column



Step 3: A pop-up window will appear, please choose the pay element that you want to map along with the category on Expense



Step 4: After, click on mceclip4.png  to save your choices. Kindly repeat steps 2-4 for each category in your system.


Next step: Reimburse Expense

Final step: Process Expense via Payroll

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