Access MyCLNQ App from JustLogin

MyCLNQ is a one-stop telehealth platform, which offers a wide range of digital healthcare services at your fingertips. Your company needs to be subscribed to MyCLNQ integration for you to be able to access it from the Justlogin mobile app. For enquiries, you may contact our Support Team.


Steps to assign employees

Step 1: Login as the SuperAdmin and go to UserAdmin.


Step 2: Under Active Employees, find the staff you wish to give MyCLNQ access to and tick the box underneath:


Alternatively, click the staff name or the pencil icon to Edit Staff Info, tick the MyCLNQ User box and hit Save.


End User:

Step 1: Open your Justlogin Individual mobile app.

Step 2: Click on the "More” (three dots) icon.


Step 3: Look for the Integration section and click MyCLNQ.


Step 4: If you haven’t installed the MyCLNQ app in your device yet, you’ll be prompted to download it first. Click on the Install button.


Step 5: After clicking Install, it will direct you to the App Store/Play Store to install the application

Step 6: Once the MyCLNQ app has been successfully installed in the device, open your Justlogin app and follow steps 1-3. 

You should now be able to access MyCLNQ via the Justlogin app: 


NOTE: Accessing MyCLNQ from Justlogin is ony available in the mobile app.

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