How to Amend Staff Details, Deactivate User and Send Password Reset Link?

The SuperAdmin can manage all created users in User Admin, such as managing which module/s  the employees will have access to, amending employee information, resetting password, and deactivating employee profiles for those who already left the company. 

Step 1: Click on your name and you will see a drop-down menu.


Step 2: Click on  user_admin.png. The first page you will see will be the Active Employees. Below you can also assign the Employees Department by clicking the droplist.


Step 3: Select the modules which the employees can use by putting a tick into the appropriate module columns.


Step 4: Click on the (edit) pencil_icon.pngicon to edit the information of the employee.


Deactivate User

Step 5: If the employee resigns, you can click on the x_button.pngicon to cease that employee's access to JustLogin. When you click on this icon, the system will show you this page to confirm the action


Step 6: Click on the deac.pngto confirm the deactivation of the employee.


Send Password Reset Link

You can trigger the system to send an email to the employee/s to request for them to change the password.

Step 1: Put a tick beside the eployee name  to whom you would like to have the password reset email to be sent.

Step 2: Click on the reset_password.png button at the lower-left area of the screen. The following prompt will appear


Step 3: Click on the send.png button

Step 4: The staff should receive an email like the below allowing them to change their password.



Amend User Details

In Step 2, in the Employee Details page, click on the employee name. Or click Edit Staff Info(pencil) icon under Action. You will be able to see the employee details, and amend the information from here. Basic Details will have the Full Name, Email Address, Employee ID, Department, and Supervisor. All other information can be found on the Leave Details, Pay Details, Attendance Details, and Expense Details tabs (if available).

The user password can also be changed via this page (Guide also here)


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