Leave Balance Transfer

The system performs an automatic Annual Leave balance transfer every 31st of December (for Calendar Year policy). Before the end of the year, the Leave Administrator will need to setup the necessary parameters for system to use based on the company's policies.


- If you follow Financial Year policy, the balances will be transferred at the end of the Financial Year

- If you follow Employee Anniversary policy, the balances will be transferred at the anniversary date of the employee

- For new customers whose policy does not require leave balance transfer, just skip the configuration step

-For companies who has setup previous year in Auto and will keep it as is, then no need to re-save it or do anything. System will pick it up the same settings done from the previous year (only for Automatic Balance Transfer) 

-If you have other leave types created for the year, once the leave balance is completed it will also populate those leave types to the upcoming year


Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: From the main menu, go to  oisifhskd.png  then gdfvdvd.png .

Step 3: Click the  fdscscd.png  tab at the top.


Transfer Settings

Automatic Balance Transfer Settings for Annual Leaves


Leave Type – should reflect the account’s leave accrual policy from the Leave Configuration

Transfer Date – by end of the year(Calendar Year/Financial Year/Employee Anniversary based on company policy)

Step 4: Click the View Configuration link to set and edit the settings.

Step 5: Set the number of Annual Leave days you allow to be transferred to the next year.odlgifjbsk.png

Option 1All leave balance from previous year - the system will transfer any remaining leave balance from the current year over to the following year.

Option 2: By annual leave entitlement days – the setting can be set by entitlements. Click on the ‘edit conditions’ link to set the policy, and a pop-up window will appear.


e.g. For employees with 12 days entitlement, up to 5 days can be transferred. For those with 15, up of 6 days. For those with 20 days entitlements, they can transfer up to a maximum of 7 days.


Option 3 – Set max days of previous year's leave balance - the admin can set a specific number of days that can be transferred to the following year.

e.g. Only allow a maximum of 5 days of this year’s balance to be transferred to the next year.


Option 4 – Set max percentage of previous year's leave entitlement - the system will only transfer a certain percentage of previous year’s entitlement. 

e.g. If employee has 12 days entitlement for 2022, only 50% or 6 days will be transferred to 2023.


Step 6: If options 2, 3, or 4 above is selected, an additional setting for forfeited leaves will show up. This will allow the employees to still use any remaining leaves until the next year, on top of the set number of transferred leaves. If no expiry is set, any remaining balance will be forfeited on the transfer date. 


Step 6: Set the expiration date of the transferred leave, if applicable.


No Expiry – transferred leave balance will not expire

Set an expiry date for transferred leave balance – set a specific date on when the transferred leave(s) will expire 

Step 7: If adding an expiry, click the calendar to select the date.


Step 8: Don’t forget to click leavetransfer12.png .

Manual Balance Transfer Settings for All Leaves

When applicable, you may still choose to do a manual leave transfer before or after 31 Dec. An auto transfer will be done for Annual Leave, but for all other leaves, transfer will need to be manually initiated.


Same Configuration Settings as above(steps 5-8). The only difference in the Manual Balance Transfer settings is the option to select the leave type you wish to transfer to the following year.

Step 1: Select the Leave Type you want to transfer to the next year.


Step 2: Set the number of leave days you allow to be transferred.


Step 3: Set the expiry date, if applicable. Otherwise, select No Expiry.


Step 4: Click the leavetransfer17.png  button to initiate the actual transfer.

A pop-up message will show to confirm action.



Transfer History

This page will show all leave balance transfers that were done on the account.


1. Transaction Date – when the leave transfer was done

2. Transfer By – who initiated the leave transfer

3. Leave Type – the type of leave that was transferred

4. Transfer Type – whether it’s Auto Transfer or Manual Transfer

5. Transfer Status – the status of the transfer

6. Action – view the transfer details

Transfer Status


  • Pending – settings have been saved, actual transfer is pending
  • Completed with a warning sign – transfer is done but with error/s
  • Completed – transfer has been done 

After the Leave Transfer:

- the transferred leave will reflect under 'Balance from previous year' in the leave summary and reports


- if 'No Expiry' is set, the transferred leave will be added to the next year's opening balance 


- if expiration date has been added, the transferred leave will reflect under Adjustments




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