Administration - Block Leave

The block leave feature allows the Leave Administrator to submit the leave on behalf of the staff without having to go through the normal approval process.

This is also available to the Approving and Recommending Officers if setting is enabled from Configuration. 

To do a block leave, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to leave.png .

Step 2: Click on admin.png .

Step 3: Click on block_leave.png .

Step 4: Select the option on how you'd like to search for the employee/s you're applying the block leave for.182.png

  • All employee/depts will be deducted this leave - all the employees within the organization will be tagged as on leave on the date/s you select.
  • All employee/depts excluding the selected employee/depts in the following listing box will be deducted this leave - if you want to exclude an employee/s. This means that everyone else will be tagged as on leave, except for the staff that you will choose from the list.
  • Only the selected employee/dept in the following listing box will be deducted this leave -the admin can choose who among the employees will be on leave.

Step 5: Select the leave type to be used.


Step 6: Select the date/s of the leave.


Step 7:  (Optional) You can copy other colleagues to inform them of the submitted leave.185.png

Step 8: (Optional) You can enter a reason for doing the block leave for.


Step 9: Tick the box to select the employee/s you wish to apply the block leave for. 

Note: Based on the assigned working weeks, the column 'Applied Working Days' may vary per employee. 


Step 10: Click on submit_blue.png to proceed.

All successfully submitted leaves will then reflect on the staff calendar(if shared) and the employee's leave history, and at the same time deducted from their available leave balance. 

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