How to add Child Details

In order for the staff to see certain childcare leaves such as Childcare (Foreigner* and Singaporean*), Extended Childcare Leave*, Extended Maternity*, and Paternity Leave*, you need to enter the child information in the system. 

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on leave.png .

Step 2: Click on admin.png .

Step 3: Click on child_details.png tab at the top. 

Step 4: Select Employee by clicking on .

Step 5: Enter the youngest child's name. 

Step 6: Enter the Birth Date. Once the birth date is entered, the Leave Start Year column will automatically be populated based on the Birth Date column, or you can manually key in the following year after the child's birth year. 

Step 7: Indicate whther the child is Singaporean or not. If the child is Singaporean, put a tick in the Pro-family leave column. Leave it unticked if the child is non-Singaporean.


  • For Maternity leave type, no child details are necessary as this leave is available to all female staff as a default
  • For Extended Maternity*, child details are needed. The leave type will automatically be available after staff has used the Maternity leave. Kindly ensure that the "Pro-Family Leave" column is ticked.
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