How to revert leave encashment?


The leave admin may have processed incorrect leave encashment on Payroll. Can it be reverted? This guide will show the steps on what can be done and what will happen. 


The screenshot below is from Payroll>Administration>Process Leave Items>Process Leave Encashment Page:



Step 1: Go to leave.png

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: Look for the adjustments.png tab at the top and do a credit adjustment for the number of days encashed.


Step 4: Proceed to view_adjustment_history.png to check if the credit was processed successfully


In the Payroll module, the record will not be amended or deleted. It will still show the leave encashment done earlier as “Processed”. The steps above will allow you to "give back" the leave balance that was taken from the staff when the encashment was done. 


NOTE: This will not remove the Leave Encashment pay element on the staff's pay information page. You will have to remove the Leave Encashment pay element from the staff's pay information page before doing a payrun.

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