Hong Kong 418 Rule – Auto Identification

The HK418 feature is to identify the employee’s employment type – Continuous Contract or Non-Continuous Contract.

According to the Hong Kong Labour Department, a continuous contact of employment is defined as an employee having been employed by the same employer for four consecutive weeks or more, and has worked at least 18 hours in each week. Under the 418 Rule, an employee on a continuous contract is eligible to additional benefits and statutory rights.  

This feature is configured under Payroll Configuration if the Company meets the two conditions:

  1. Company turned on “713 E(A)O 2007 Compliant Policy”
  2. Company also subscribed to Attendance Module


1. Log in to the account. Go to Configuration > General > Configuration to enable it.


2. To assign the employee type, you can do it on either section:

A. Pay Info Page -> Employment Type


B. User Admin > Basic Details -> Employment Type


3. Once an employee is tagged as Continuous Contract, an email notification will be sent out to the Super Admin, Payroll Administrator, and People Administrator to notify them on the continuous contract-type employees.

Admin can select Employment Status to “Non-Continuous Contract” and tick at “Override 418 Automation” checkbox if they do not wish the status to be changed.


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