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 OT Calculation Method

This is where you can setup the OT calculation method for your company.

NOTE: This is a generic setting for all staff, but you can make changes later at the Employee Setup if some staff follow a different OT calculation method from the rest.


Step 1: Click on s;kdfh;s;ktgird.png panel to expand the section.

Step 2: Choose the OT Calculation method you want to use:


  1. None - This option meant that no OT Calculation will be considered.
  2. End-Time - The OT calculation is based on the end time. For example, a staff worked till 10 pm but her official end time is 8 pm, the system will consider that the staff has worked 2 hours of OT.
  3. Standard-Time - The OT calculation is based on the number of hours worked for the entire day. So, if a staff is supposed to work for 8.5 hours and the staff worked 10 hours, the staff would have clocked 1.5 hours of OT.
  4. Weekly - The OT calculation is based on the number of hours the company stipulated. In this example, the total hours that a staff is expected to work 44 hours. So, if for an entire week, the staff worked for 48 hours, the OT will be 4 hours.

Step 3: If this option is ticked, the system will ignore if the staff did not fulfil the number of working hours.


Step 4: Indicate any OT Grace Period, Deductions and Rounding. The OT Grace Period allows you to state when the system should start counting OT. If  set at 15 min, the system will calculate the OT 15 minutes later from the official end time. You can also set any deductions or rounding up or down at the respective parameters


Step 5: Indicate PH Policy. This policy allows you to specify what is the general rule if the staff comes to work on Public holidays. There are 3 options to choose from.

Note: This is pure remarks only and any change needed to be done will have to go through the respective module (leave or payroll).


  1. Treat as Working Day – PH is treated as normal working day, OT hours to be computed by the system will be based on the OT policy set
  2. Paid one Day – Hours worked by the staff on a PH will be reflected under OT1
  3. Given off in lieu – Time off will be credited separately by the Leave Admin to the staff who work on PH. No OT1 will be calculated by the system in this case.

Step 6: Set up Late and Under Hours. This section allows you to specify the late period and the under hours which will appear in the report.


  1. Late Grace Period allows you to specify the number of minutes before staff will be considered late.
  2. Under Hours Grace Period allows you to specify the number of minutes before the system will consider that the staff did not fulfil the number of hours worked.

Step 7: Set whether No-Pay leave will be deducted from the attendance reports. If ticked, the standard hours will be the same when staff takes a No Pay Leave, if unticked, standard hours will be deducted.


Step 8: Define the minutes of break time during off day and rounding up the hours.


  1. You can set the break time during Off Days.
  2. You can set the rounding up policy to round up the hours if you want.

Step 9: Click on pkidng';lkdfg.png to save the changes.

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