Configuration - Employee Setup

Employee Setup Tab

The Employee Setup page allows you to specify attendance policies based on individual users. Some of the policies in which you can manage include the staff's Public Holiday, OT Formula as well as PIN that is used for kiosk access.


Attendance Users

To Edit Individual Settings:

Step 1: Click on the mceclip1.png icon under the Actions column

Step 2: Each field will be editable:


a. Time zone – allows you to change the time zone which the staff is in

b. PH Policy – Allows you to specify the PH Policy for the staff:

Paid One Day – staff is not expected to work on PH. If staff works, system tags the hours under OT1
Given Off-in-Lieu – staff is expected to work on PH. System will calculate OT based on OT setup. Admin will need to credit additional Leave to staff on the Leave module
Treat as working day – staff  is expected to work on PH. System will calculate OT based on OT setup.

c. OT Formula – You can assign different OT formula for the staff (None, End Time, Standard Time, Weekly)

d. Weekly Hours – if on column “C” you chose Weekly OT formula for the staff, column D will be enabled. This is where you can indicate the number of hours that the staff must satisfy on a weekly basis before the system starts calculating for OT

e. Allow Edit – if this is ticked, staff will be able to edit their clock in/out data, this includes allowing the staff to edit their timesheet

f. Exclude Geofencing – if ticked, the staff will not be included in the Geofencing validation

g. Exclude Individual App – To exclude staff from the use of the individual app to clock in/out

h. Kiosk App – to exclude staff from the use of the Kiosk app to clock in/out

i. Employee Type – Employee Type is an indicator of whether the staff is an executive and non-executive

j. PIN – You can assign a unique PIN to each employee so that the system will identify who is who when the employee clocks in/out via the Kiosk App

Assign Attendance Users

This page is where you can see the list of Attendance module users in your system:


If the box is ticked, it means the staff is an Attendance user.


Set Reference Photo

Reference photos is used by the Attendance module for SafeClock and AVA (Attendance Verification Alert). You can assign reference photos which will be used by the system to countercheck the details of the staff who is clocking in/out.

It is recommended that you use reference photos taken when staff has clocked in/out as opposed to uploading images from your computer. It is also best to use two masked and 1 unmasked image for reference.

To Assign Photos taken from the Staff’s clock in/out:

On Set Reference Photo page, this is what you will see:


Put a tick under the image that you would like the system to use as reference photo. You can do this for several employees and then click on mceclip6.pngat the bottom of the page.

*To Remove a Reference Photo, you have saved for a staff, click on the mceclip7.png icon under the employee’s name.

To Upload a Photo from files taken from your computer

Click on the mceclip8.png icon under the staff’s name. You will then be able to choose from file images in your computer.


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