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On Mobile Devices

The options that can be seen here are all related to how you want the users to be clocking in/out and the setting to require GPS to be enabled on mobile devices when clocking in and out.

Step 1: Click on mceclip0.png panel to expand the section.


  1. Allow clock in/out via - this allows you to specify whether the users can login via the web and/or mobile devices.
    NOTE: Mobile device also includes Kiosk, a central device that the staff can use to clock in/out from. A PIN is required. 
  2. Face detection on mobile devices - if enabled, the system will only allow staff to clock in/out when the handphone or the device detects the face.
    -- 'Ignore if device does not support face detection' will allow the staff to still clock in/out even if the device being used does not support face detection. (Can be enabled especially if some staff use older models of mobile phones, which may not have the face detection function)
  3. Require GPS to be enabled on mobile device - the staff must enable GPS on their handphone before they can clock in/out.
    -- Geofencing is basically a technology that allows you to set a virtual boundary setup around a geographical location in which your staff can login. If you want to have geofencing enabled, click on the checkbox.


Take note that 150 meters in radius is the effective range for geofencing. We would recommend that you use Kiosk mode for any range smaller than 150 meters.


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