How to Configure Attendance?

The article below covers each step that's needed to be done to fully configure your JustClock module. Click on the link provided to see the detailed guide for each step


Step 1: Setup the default working schedule of the company - Working Hours

Step 2: Indicate the default OT calculation method of the company - OT Calculation Method

Step 3: Decide on the company's clocking preferences. This includes single/multiple clock in/out, the option to make remarks mandatory as well as allowing to edit. - Clocking Preferences

Step 4: Choose the approval workflow that your company requires - Clocking Approval

Step 5: Identify how users will be clocking in/out - On Mobile Device

Step 6: (Optional) Enable other functions. Added features that your company might find useful - Advanced Settings

Step 7: You can individually assign different OT calculation methods, Public Holidays and others under Employee Setup page - Employee Setup

Step 8: Setup the different reminders/notifications that you want users/admins/groups admins to receive - Reminder Setup

Step 9: Group setup allows you to separate the employees into the specified groups managed by different managers. - Group Setup

Step 10: (Optional) Device definition allows you to tag device address or IP address to a specific location. The system will use this location information in the report. - Device Definition

Step 11: (Optional) This setup is useful when you have staff going around to different client/location/project and you want to know precisely where they are when they clock-in/out. - Client/Location/Project Setup

Step 12: (Optional) You can edit or add additional public holidays in Attendance. - Public Holiday

Step 13: (Optional) You can setup virtual boundaries wherein you allow the staff to clock-in/out without sending a violation email to you. - Geofencing Setup


*To watch a video on configuring Attendance, click here

*To learn how to manage Attendance, click here

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