Configuration - Group Setup

Create an employee group

Group setup allows you to separate the employees into specified groups managed by different managers. For example, if you have multiple branches, each with their own manager, you can use this to delegate administrative work such as the updating of time clock or approval of attendance records to these administrators.


Step 1: Click on fbsjkfbnsd.png

Step 2: This is the page you will see:


Group Setup

This page is where you can create/add new groups as well as delete any groups you do not need.

To create/add a new group.

Step 1: Give a Group ID in the field soifnsfknsd.png

Step 2: Enter the description of the group in the field soifnslkfndsfg.png

Step 3: Click on sofns_lfnsdfg.png

Step 4: Select the Administrator by clicking on the field and a list of users like below will appear. Just select the person/persons in charge:


Step 5: State whether the administrator can read only, or they can perform editing. If read-only click on the checkbox



To edit an existing group’s details

Step 1: Look for the group you want to edit and click on the mceclip8.png icon on the Actions column.

Step 2: You will see that the Group ID and Description fields will be enabled for editing:


Step 3: Once done, click on the mceclip10.png icon under the Actions column.


To archive an existing group

Step 1: Look for the group you want to archive and then click on the icon gfdgbfhgfhfhfg.png under the Actions column.

Step 2: A pop up window will appear, asking you to confirm the action:


Step 3: Click on dfhgfddhgfghfghfg.png The group will not appear in the list anymore.

NOTE: You can also archive several groups at a time by putting a tick beside the names of the group and then click on the button on the lower right corner of the screen.


Bulk Import

If you have a lot of users and groups, you can utilize the Bulk Import Function on this page. This will allow you to create groups, assign users to the different groups by completing the template.




Step 1: Click on dhgdgbdfcbdfcbfvfg.pngYou will then get an Excel file that includes the existing groups in your system.

Step 2: Complete the required details and then save the file.

Step 3: Drop the file in the field


Step 4: Click on sgsgdfgdf.png The data included in the Excel file will be imported into the system.

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