Configuration - Device Definition

Setting up Device Definition

The device definition allows you to tag a device address also known as IP address to a specific location. The system will use this location information in the report.

Step 1: Click on Picture105.png tab

Step 2: Enter the IP address under the 'Device Address' section Picture106.png

Step 3: Enter the name of the location. eg. office name or branch name Picture107.png

Step 4: To save, click on the Picture13.png


How to get Device (IP) Address?

We can get the device / IP address through the report in Attendance. To do that, do the following:

Step 1: Click on Reports under the Attendance Module.


Step 2: Click on Daily Report

Step 3: Log in using the mobile device you wish to find out the address of

Step 4: Make sure that the checkbox next to Show Address Picture109.png is checked.

Step 5: To generate the report, click on Picture68.png

Step 6: The system will generate the required report

Step 7: To view the report, click on the Picture28.png

The report will show you the address of the mobile device. It will only show the IP address if the users clocked in/out using a computer or manually entered by the administrator.


Step 8: Copy the IP address then paste it into the 'Device Address' as instructed in Step 2 of Setting Up Device Definition.

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