Configuration - Reminder Setup

This is where administrators can setup the different reminders that can be sent to the employees, administrators and/or group administrators.


Step 1: State when the reminder will be sent to the employees if they did not clock in by the stipulated time. 

Step 2: You can state whether the employee and/or attendance admin will receive the reminder.


Step 3: Select whether is the reminder message is for clocking in or clocking out.


Step 4: Indicate the Reminder subject header in which the employee and administrator will see when the email is sent to them.


Step 5: Enter the message the staff will see when they receive the reminder.


Step 6: Click on Picture100.png to save changes.



If you have enabled the option for the staff to submit their timesheet for approval, you can also set up the reminder to be sent to the staff as well as the different approval levels. To do so, please check out the following steps:

Step 1: Click on Picture101.png sub-tab

Step 2: Set the number of days before the reminder will be sent: (Note that this is for the staff reminder)


Step 3: Tick the box beside “CC admin” if you’d like the Admin to receive the reminder as well


Step 4: Click on mceclip10.pngto save your settings.

NOTE: Please do the same steps for each approval level in your workflow. For Approving Officers and Processing officers, the reminder notification will be sent after a certain number of days that the timesheet is pending for approval



This is where additional notifications can be enabled for your account


  1. Enable Roster Notification – if a shift is assigned to the staff, a notification will be sent out to the staff if this option is ticked.
  2. Early Clock In Notification – If you want to the administrator and/or group administrator to be notified when staff clocks in a certain hours set here before the staff’s scheduled shift start time, put a tick into this option.
  3. Unscheduled Clocking Notification – You can put a tick into this option if you want the administrator and/or the group administrator to be notified if the staff clocks in on a day that they are not expected to work.

Once you have chosen the notifications you want to enable, please do not forget to click on the mceclip1.png button.


  • This only functions with the normal roster view (not Split Shift view)
  • The notification will be sent to staff at 5 PM SGT, if the next day shift has been changed from Manage Roster, Shift Assignment, or Roster Import
  • A notification will not be triggered if the next day is set to PH, Leave day, Rest Day, or Off Day
  • Notification will be triggered once the shift time or shift site has been modified and then SAVED.
  • Click here for a detailed guide on roster notification


Early Clock-in Notification

Unscheduled Clocking Notification

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