Configuration - Geofencing Setup

To use the geofencing, you will need to set up the virtual boundaries in which you allow the staff to clock-in/out without sending a violation email to you.

Require GPS to be enabled on mobile device 

Kindly note that the staff must enable GPS on their handphone before they can clock in/out.
Geofencing is a technology that allows you to set a virtual boundary setup around a geographical location in which your staff can log in. If you want to have geofencing enabled, click on the checkbox.


Take note that 150 meters in radius is the effective range for geofencing. We would recommend that you use Kiosk mode for any range smaller than 150 meters.

Setting up Geofencing

1. Login as the Attendance Administrator.

2. Click on Configuration

3. Click on Geofencing Setup

4. Enter the Location Name Fieldfor the boundaries you wish to set.

5. Enter the Address. The system will use Google Map to search for possible places based on what you keyed in. 

6. The Default address will be used as the basis of the system in terms of the distance from the geofencing location.



7. Click on the Picture13.png

Editing Geofencing

1. Login as the Attendance Administrator.

2. Click on Configuration

3. Click on Geofencing Setup

4. Go to the location you wish to edit and click on the Picture49.png button.

5. Once you have made the modification, click on the Picture13.png



Once administrators have made Geofence mandatory, a Geofence Restriction error message box will appear when users attempt to clock in or out outside the designated Geofence location.

The Geofence Restriction error pop-up will display the following message: "You are currently outside the designated geofence location and cannot clock in/out. Please try again when you are within the allowed location." This message is intended to inform users of their current status.


There are two buttons available: "Show Map" and "Cancel"

When the user clicks the "Show Map" button, a map will open displaying their "Current Location" compared to the "Geofencing Region."


If Geofence is not mandatory, users will see the usual alert message "Not in geofence area, do you still want to clock in/out?" They can choose to proceed with clocking in or out despite being outside the geofence area.



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