Administration - Adjustments - Credit/Debit Leave


You can easily adjust your staff's leave balances using the Adjustment feature in the Leave module. You can do either a credit(add) or debit(deduct) adjustment depending on what you require.

Credit adjustment is commonly used to add 1 extra day when a Public Holiday falls on a weekend or if staff worked on a Public Holiday.


Step 1: Click onleave.png .

Step 2: Click on admin.png .

Step 3:  Click on adjustments.pngThis should bring you to the adjustment_2.png page.

Step 4: Select leave type you wish to add / deduct at. 215.png

Step 5: Set the number of days you wish to credit /debit in the field at.217.png

Step 6: The effective date will always be set to the current date and the expiry date to the end of year. This means the credited leave can be used by the staff before the set expiry date. 224.png

Step 7: On 225.png please make sure it is set to Credit or Debit accordingly.

Step 8: (Recommended) Enter a remark about why you did the adjustment. This will help to remind you why you are crediting the leave type/days to the staff. Any remark input here can also be seen by the staff on their end.


Step 9: Select the employee/s you wish to do an adjustment for.


Step 10: Click on submit_blue.png .

Step 11: Once done, you should see this message prompting you to confirm the adjustment.


Step 12: Click on confirm_action_blue.png .

Step 13: Once the leave has been adjusted, the following message will appear.


When you click on Close, you will be taken to the View Adjustment History page to check the last adjustment you processed.


Under the Actions column, you can edit or delete the adjustment.


Edit - click on the pencil icon to edit the Number of Days, Effective Date or Expiry Date. Then click on the green to Save it. 


Note: The employee name and leave type cannot be edited.

Delete - click on the trash bin icon if you need to delete the adjustment, especially if you have inadvertently submitted to the wrong employee or have selected the incorrect leave type. 


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