Add User - Basic Details

This article will show you how to add users using the Add User feature. 

In order for you to see Add User, you must be the Super User. Other administrators such as payroll, leave or attendance administrators will not see this option.

To add a user using the Add User, do the following:

Step 1: Login as the superuser. 

Step 2: You should be able to see the User Admin and the Add User at this place


Step 3: Click on the add_user.png option. The system will show you this




Step 4: Enter the Full Name of the Employee at 434.png. If you subscribed to Payroll, do enter the name as in the person's identification document such as their NRIC or their passport. The reason is that the system will use this name for other documents such as the tax documents and CPF.

Step 5: Enter the email address of the employee at 435.png

Step 6: Enter the username of the employee436.png. This is the name the employee will use to log in to JustLogin. 

Step 7: Assign a password at 437.png

Step 8: Reconfirming the password by entering the same password as in Step 7 in 438.png

Step 9: (Optional) Enter the Employee ID at mceclip0.png

Step 10: (Optional) Select the department this employee belongs to at 


Step 11: (Optional) If the department is not there, you can click add_department.png to add the department. 



Step 12: Enter the Join Date of the employee at 441.png.

Step 13: Select the modules that this employee can use. The boxed areas should not be ticked unless the person is an administrator or an approving person.



Step 14: Click on next.png to proceed to the next step of the configuration.

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