Add User - Leave Details

If your company is subscribed to the leave module, the system will show this page when you click on the "Next" button in the Add User.


Step 1: Enter the join date in the 444.png field.

Step 2: Select the grade of this staff at the 66.pngfield.

Step 3: Select the work week for this staff 67.png. The workweek depends on your leave configuration.

Step 4: (Optional) If this staff needs to work on Public Holiday, make sure that the 68.pngis checked.

Step 5:  Select the staff's gender at 69.pngfield. This field is helpful in the filtering of leave according to genders such as Maternity and Paternity leaves.

Step 6:  Select the marital status of the employee at 70.pngThis is important if there are leave types that are based on the marital status of the staff.

Step 7: If the person has a child below 12 years, select the Yes option at 


This is going to be used by the system to filter the particular child-related leave type that the staff is entitled to. If you choose "No" in this portion, please skip steps 8-12, go directly to step 13.

Step 8: Enter the youngest child's name at 72.png

Step 9: Enter the Date of Birth of the child at 73.png

Step 10: The system will automatically show you the Leave Start year based on the date of birth keyed in 


Step 11: If the child is a Singaporean, please check the checkbox at 76.png

Step 12: If this person is using shared parental, then click on the checkbox at 77.png 

Step 13: Click on the 78.png to save the settings.

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