Add User - Pay Details

If your company is subscribed to the Payroll module, you can enter the pay details of an employee at the Add User module. You will see the following page when adding a user in Add User.


The steps are:

Step 1: Enter the Date of Birth of the employee at 80.png

The date is important as it will affect the CPF payment if the person is a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident, particularly if there's a change in CPF rate when the staff reaches the age of 55.

Step 2: Enter the NRIC/FIN of the employee at 81.png

Note that the initial character and the last character must be in uppercase.

Step 3: Enter the Race of the staff. This is important in Singapore as Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Eurasian are required to contribute to their own community. The employees can opt-out of the contribution on their own at the respective community agencies.


Step 4: Enter the Religion at 83.png. Note that the only religion that needs to contribute is if the employee is a Muslim (regardless of race and nationality).  

Step 5: Enter the Residency of the employee at 


This is important as this would affect whether this employee contributes to CPF.


Step 6: (Optional) You can also assign the staff to a Payroll Group if you already have existing groups at sdfsdfdf.png

Step 7: Enter the pay of the staff at 85.png For Part-timers, enter the hourly rate. For Monthly and Fortnightly, enter the monthly payment.

Step 8: Enter pay period at 86.png

Step 9: Select 87.png


Only if you chose Bank as the Pay Method

Step 10: Select the employee's bank at 


Step 11: Enter the account number. 

Step 12: Click on the 89.png. JustLogin will validate to make sure that the account number is valid. If the bank account is valid, the system will automatically fill in the Branch Code and the Branch Name appearing. If the bank account is invalid, the following message will appear


Adding Pay Elements

You can add pay elements for the employees at the onset. I would recommend that only pay elements that the employees will get or deducted every month be placed here.

To add pay elements on the onset, do the following:

Step 13: Select the Pay Element at the 90.png and then click on the 91.png button.

Step 14: (Optional) If the pay element's default value is 0, you can click on the 92.png.

Step 15: (Optional) Go to the 93.png and manually enter the Amount/Formula


Step 16: Click on the 94.png to save the setting.


Info required for IRAS filing

Recommend that you fill in all the staff's relevant information at the beginning so you will not need to fill in the information later. 


Step 17: Enter the Designation of the staff. The Designation must be set in the People module. See related article here -

Note that this is a must for all users. If a particular designation is not there, you can create a new designation.

Step 18: Enter the Gender

Step 19: Enter the Marital Status 

Step 20: Enter the Nationality

Step 21: Enter the Country. The Country is the country for the address that they stay now.

Step 22: Enter the Address 1, Address 2, and the Postal Code.

Step 23: Click on the 95.png

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