Process Pay - New Payrun

The New Payrun page is where the payrun will be initiated in the system. You will need to complete the fields on this page before any payruns can be approved.

Step 1: Click on PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on process_pay.png. The system will automatically bring you to the new_payrun.png page.

Step 3: Select the month you wish to do the payrun for


NOTE: For clients who are doing a back payrun, please ensure that you process the payrun from the beginning of the year, approve, and then move on to the next month. Payruns that were not done and approved sequentially from January (or the start of the Financial Year) to the present month will affect the Year-to-Date data plus the accurate calculation of CPF deductions. 

Step 4: Select the Pay Period Picture22.png

  • Monthly - you can only do one monthly payrun, per month, per staff.
  • Fortnightly - if you have staff who are getting paid on a fortnightly basis, choose this option. Another field will appear where you can indicate if it's the 1st or 2nd fortnightly interval:


  • Adhoc - this can be used multiple times in a month. 

Step 5: Select whether you wish to do the payrun for all or for specific employees through this option


  • All current employees plus any resigned/terminated employees from the listing box below - this option will allow you to choose from a list of active and deactivated employees whom you would like to be included in the payrun
  • All current employees excluding selected employees from the listing box below - this will allow you to choose from a list of active employees whom you would like to be excluded from the payrun
  • Include only the selected employees from the listing box below - allows you to choose from a list of active employees who will be included in the payrun

Once you have chosen one of the options above, click on the selector_icon.pngicon beside the box, and then choose the users accordingly.

NOTE: If you would like to do the payrun for a specific department, you can choose the 3rd option, click on the selector_icon.pngicon, and then from the pop-up box, type in the name of the department in the search field, so that all employees tagged to that department will appear and you can put a tick at the top-most box to choose all names.


Step 6: Select the option of how you wish to release the payslip


  • Manual Release - requires you to manually release the payslip before the employees can receive their payslips.
  • Immediately after approval - once you approve the payrun, the system will automatically send out the payslip. Users will receive a push notification on their mobile apps that the payslip is available
  • Selected date after approval - you can pre-approve the pay but will not release the payslip until your specified release date.

Step 7: (Optional) The remark field allows you to enter a remark to which would appear in the payslip.


Step 8: By default, this field will display the whole month if you choose the monthly pay period


Step 9:  Indicate whether the OT follows the Payroll Period. If not, uncheck the tick box and the system will ask you to define the date range for the OT period.


Step 10: Specify the payment date


Step 11: To proceed with the payrun, click on proceed.png

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