Announcement Feature

The Announcement feature allows any module Administrators to make announcements to all in the organization. 

Sending Announcement

1. Login in as an Administrator of any module in the organization.

2. Go to the name and click on the down arrow as indicated


3. Select 147.png

4. Select 148.png

5.  Enter the announcement title in the 149.pngfield.


6. Enter the announcement message in the 152.png field.


7. Select the people who you wish to receive this announcement at the 154.png. You can select the following:


If you select the second or the third options, the user list will appear allowing you to specify which user/users you intend to send or exclude the announcement from.  You can use the Search: to filter the user if you wish to narrow down.


8. You can also set the announcement to Department specific by using the 157.png. This will bring out the list of departments found in your organization.


9. Once you have decided the recipients, you may click on the 159.png to send the Announcement to the intended.

10. The system will keep track of the messages sent through the 160.png



11. To view the detail of the announcement, you can click on the eye.png.


How users receive the Notification?

There are two ways in which the staff can receive the notification.

Pop-up notification

If they are login to their mobile apps, when a new announcement is made, they will receive a pop-up notification somewhat like this.


or they can access it through the app.


JustLogin Individual App


1. The user by opening their mobile app will be able to see the dashboard.



2. To see the announcement, the user simply has to click on the 165.png



Users not receiving Announcement

If any of your users could not receive the Announcement, get them to check their Notification Settings on their mobile phones. 



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