How does pay element criteria Benefits-In-Kind affect tax reporting? [Express]

Step 1: Login to Justlogin

Step 2: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 3: Click on configuration.png

Step 4: Select payroll_2.png 

Step 5: Select pay_elements.png

Step 6: Scroll down and click on the create_pay_element.png

Step 7: Enter an Element ID frrrrrr.png

Step 8: Enter Element Name


Step 9: Select Allowance as the Element Type


Step 10: At the Tax Code ensure that you select dmdsl.png

Step 11: Ensure that for Criteria, Benefit-in-kind is ticked


Once you have done this and add this pay element to the staff, the staff will see the benefit-in-kind in the Other Details portion. This portion will not be added into the Additional as the staff did not receive any monetary income from this pay element.


Example of employee pay run details:


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