Leave Dashboard


The Leave Dashboard allows for an easy overview of leave related informaiton. You can see the functions of each part below.


Step 1: Click on leave.png

Step 2: Click on dashboard.png

You will see this page which is the Leave Dashboard:


Each part of the Leave Dashboard will be shown below:

1) If staff is an approving office/recommending officer, they can click on this portion to approve leaves


2) This is where staff can see any leaves they applied for and cancel if they are allowed to do so.


3) Staff can see previously taken leaves here as well as their leaves taken history


4) Where staff can see upcoming Public Holidays


5) Users can click on this icon to apply for leaves apply__leave.png

6) Users can click on this to see their leave balances leave_summary.png

7) Users can click on this to view any adjustments (credit/debit) done leave_adjustments.png

8) To view their child details, staff can click on 149.png

9) At the bottom of the screen, one can see the annual calendar, which will reflect all leaves taken as well as approved leaves


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