How to apply leave in hours


Previously, the system only allows employees to apply for leave by day/half day. Now, the system can allow employees to apply even by hours. The guide below will show users the steps on how to apply for a leave based on a certain number of hours. Note that this feature has to be enabled by the leave administrator before being utilized by employees


The application of leave by hours is available via the Express website and on the mobile app.


Step 1: Head over to leave.png

Step 2: Proceed to dashboard.png

Step 3: Click on apply_leave.png

Step 4: Choose the leave type and the date of leave.

Step 5: On the leave units, choose Hours and enter the Total Hours of Leave


Step 6: (Optional) Choose the approving officer and click on Picture3.png

Mobile App

Step 1: Login to your account and click on the plus_sign.pngicon

Step 2: Click on apply_leave_mobile.png


Step 3: Choose the leave type and date of leave.

Step 4: On Leave Units, tap on Hours.


Step 5: Choose the approving officer and click on Submit.

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