Download Active/Inactive Employee Data on Payroll


Classic Payroll has this useful shortcut wherein payroll admins can view and download employee details with just a click on a button. We have now introduced the same option in Express as well.

Step 1: Head on to PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on admin.png

Step 3: On employee_pay_details.png tab, click on choose_export_type.png at the bottom of the page


Step 4: Choose which report you wish to export.


Step 5: Click on download.pngto get an excel copy of the report


Please note that this feature is available on SG Common Payroll, HK Common Payroll and Myanmar Payroll. This means that all companies who joined from June 2020 onwards will have this feature.

Existing companies will not show this option on Express. However, this will be migrated soon to ensure all our clients will have this function in Express Interface.

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